Blissful beginnings

So here goes! I have recently been pondering the everyday things that make us happy. In our frenetic world we have lost sight of the small pleasures, the little delights that make up the fabric of our lives. For some of us, perhaps those reading this blog, these happy moments may well be the solitary, the mindful and the reflective experiences found in one’s own garden.

This blog then has it’s genesis in the garden – no, not a garden of Eden but more of an “Eden project” or a special place of garden happiness, no matter its shape or size or its plantings. My twelve secrets of garden bliss may enable you to appreciate what you already have and, hopefully, re-energise your garden bliss.

About me:
I am not a horticulturalist nor a garden designer. However, I have gardened all my life. As a child I followed my grandfather around the garden, picking sweet peas and poppies in our suburban Brisbane garden.

In the hot, sub-tropical months, I watched him tend his capsicums and pick paw paws high up in the trees. Strawberries, a fig tree, a giant mango tree and roses were his companions. He lived into his nineties and always kept busy, not wanting for much, except his walks and his garden. His joire de vivre, was due, in part, to the variety of plants he cultivated. His secret – it’s your garden, plant in it what you love, nurture the soil, save water, tend your tools, teach others your own secrets of the garden and you will be rewarded beyond expectations.

I hope you will follow as I unfold the twelve secrets of garden bliss.